Dialogue Interview with Frederick Burkle

Jul 23, 2008

July 23, 2008 - The brutal ethnic wars that erupted at century's end brought a new scourge in their wake: the complex emergency. These are long-lasting challenges to public health caused by the destruction of warfare. Given that both a nation's political infrastructure and public health systems may be devastated at the end of conflict, both security and medical services may require lengthy external support. Frederick Burkle, Woodrow Wilson Center Public Policy Scholar and a veteran participant in these interventions, describes what is needed on dialogue.

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Experts & Staff

  • Roger-Mark De Souza // Director of Population, Environmental Security and Resilience, Wilson Center
  • Sandeep Bathala // Senior Program Associate, Environmental Change and Security Program, Maternal Health Initiative
  • Katrina Braxton // Program Assistant, Maternal Health Initiative
  • Schuyler Null // Web Editor and Writer/Editor, Environmental Change and Security Program, Maternal Health Initiative