Iraq Events


Book Talk: A Chance in Hell: The Men Who Triumphed Over Iraq's Deadliest City and Turned the Tide of War

June 30, 2010 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Middle East Program
Jim Michaels, Former Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center and Reporter, USA Today

Gender and Economic Isolation in an Era of Globalization

April 22, 2010 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Middle East Program
Jennifer Olmsted, Associate Professor of Economics, Drew University

Iraqi Women Leaders in Engineering and Applied Sciences

February 25, 2010 // 8:00am9:30am
Middle East Program
Dr. Alkhazragy, Lecturer/Assistant Professor, University of Technology, Baghdad, and Visiting Scholar, Stanford University; Dr. Mustafa, Lecturer, Engineering College, University of Salahaddin, and Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley; Ameer, Professor, College of Science, University of Al-Mustansirya, Baghdad, and Visiting Scholar, UC San Diego

Book Talk: The Good Soldiers

February 01, 2010 // 3:00pm4:00pm
Middle East Program
David Finkel, Editor and Writer, The Washington Post and Former Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center

Book Launch: Sisters in War: A Story of Love, Family, and Survival in the New Iraq

September 29, 2009 // 4:00pm5:30pm
Middle East Program
Christina Asquith, Former Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center; Zia Groosh Flossman, Former Correspondent, Iraqi Media Network, Baghdad; Manal Omar, Program Officer, Grant Program, United States Institute of Peace

Institutionalized Ethnic Division in Bosnia: A Way Forward for Iraq?

September 11, 2007 // 12:00pm1:30pm
Global Europe Program
Robert Benjamin, Regional Director of Central and East European Programs, National Democratic Institute; Nida Gelazis, Program Associate, EES; Lindsay Lloyd, Regional Program Director for Europe, International Republican Institute

Turkey, Iraq and the Future of Kirkuk

June 21, 2007 // 10:00am12:00pm
Global Europe Program
with Dr. Henri Barkey, Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center; Bernard and Bertha Cohen Professor of International Relations,Lehigh University andCengiz Candar, Chief Columnist for Referans daily newspaper and Turkish Daily News; Lecturer at Istanbul Kültür University; and former Wilson Center Public Policy Scholar.

Military Heroes: The Homeric Ideal in Vietnam, Iraq, and American Media

April 17, 2007 // 10:00am11:30am
Global Europe Program
Mark Moyar, associate professor at the United States Marine Corps University and author of Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1954-1965

Expeditions to Iraq: Xenophon on Leadership, Ancient and Modern

March 06, 2007 // 9:00am10:30am
Global Europe Program
Professor Robert C. Lewis, Rockhurst University (Kansas City, Missouri)

Iraq, Europe and the US: Shifting Dynamics in Turkish Policy?

March 20, 2005 // 11:00pm
Global Europe Program
with Alkis CourcoulasIstanbul Bureau Chief of Athens News Agency and Chief Turkish Correspondent of To Vima