Kosovo Events

Sustainable Development in Kosovo: Challenges and Opportunities

April 22, 2009 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Global Europe Program
Mimoza Kusari-Lila, Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo and current Fulbright fellow at Georgetown University

Is There a Kosovo Precedent? Secession, Self-Determination and Conflict Resolution

June 13, 2008 // 12:00pm1:30pm
Global Europe Program
Christopher J. Borgen, Associate Professor of Law, St. John's University School of Law; Charles King, Ion Ratiu Professor of Romanian Studies and Professor of International Affairs and Government, Georgetown University

Dependence, Independence and Interdependence: Capacity Building and Education for Stability and Integration in Kosovo and the Western Balkans

May 28, 2008 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Global Europe Program
Arben Hajrullahu, Fulbright Humphrey Fellow and WWICS scholar in residence

Putting the A back into Kosov@: How Independence Compels us to Reconsider the history of the state, Islam and identity in the Balkans

April 30, 2008 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Global Europe Program
Isa Blumi, Assistant Professor of History, Georgia State University

Planning Kosovo's Future: A European Perspective

January 29, 2008 // 9:00am10:00am
Global Europe Program
Marton Benedek, Visiting Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center St. Anthony's College, Oxford University

Kosovo After December 10

December 12, 2007 // 11:00am12:30pm
Global Europe Program
Elez Biberaj, Director of the Eurasian Division, Voice of America; Obrad Kesic, TSM Global Consultants

Kosovo in the Balance: A Trial for Diplomacy

September 19, 2007 // 12:00pm2:00pm
Global Europe Program
Borut Grgic, Director, ISS-Slovenia; Tim Judah, correspondent, The Economist; Vladimir Matic, Clemson University; James O'Brien, The Albright Group; and others TBA

The Kosovo Decision: Regional Implications and the Albanian Issue

June 06, 2007 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Global Europe Program
James Pettifer, Professor and Research Associate of the Defense Academy of the United Kingdom

Kosovo's Impending Settlement: Analyzing the Ahtisaari Proposal

March 13, 2007 // 10:00am11:30am
Global Europe Program
Soren Jessen-Petersen, Guest Scholar at the United States Institute of Peace and former Special Representative to the UN Secretary-General and head of UNMIK and Steven E. Meyer, Professor of National Security Studies, National Defense University

Can an Independent Kosovo be a Win-Win for Everyone?

February 14, 2007 // 11:00am12:00pm
Global Europe Program
Borut Grgic, Director, Institute for Strategic Studies, Ljubljana, Slovenia