U.S. Politics Events


Can Redistricting Reforms Reduce Polarization in Congress?

February 22, 2010 // 11:00am1:00pm
Congress Project
Tom Hofeller, The Republican National Committee; David G. Oedel, Professor, Walter F. George Law School, Mercer University; Thomas E. Mann, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution; Juliet Eilperin, Staff Writer, The Washington Post; Moderator Don Wolfensberger, Director, Congress Project, Woodrow Wilson Center

National Urban Policy: Is a New Day Dawning?

January 25, 2010 // 2:00pm4:00pm
Congress Project
Mercedes Marquez, Assistant Secretary for Community Planning & Development, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; William Barnes, Director, Emerging Issues, National League of Cities; Joshua Sapotichne, Professor of Political Science, Michigan State University; Michael Fletcher, Staff Writer, The Washington Post

Foreign Policy Challenges in 2010: The Developing World

January 15, 2010 // 9:00am10:30am
Wilson Center on the Hill
In the first session of a two part series, Wilson Center experts discuss policy challenges surrounding the developing world, including migration, development policy, climate change, and conflict resolution.

Changing Climates in North American Politics

December 16, 2009 // 8:00am10:00am
Canada Institute
Stacy VanDeveer and Henrik Selin highlight the major themes and findings of their new book, which examines and compares political action for climate change across North America at levels ranging from continental to municipal.

Immigration & Public Opinion: What's the Climate for Change?

November 16, 2009 // 3:00pm5:00pm
Congress Project
Rep. Zoe Lofgren, (D-Calif.); Rep. Dan Lungren, (R-Calif.); H. Richard Friman, Professor of Political Science, Dept. of Political Science, Marquette University; Scott Keeter, Director of Survey Research, The Pew Research Center

Engaging Cuba: Policy Options for the United States, Europe, and the Western Hemisphere

November 16, 2009 // 8:15am11:30am
Latin American Program
A meeting was held to discuss the divergent perspectives within the international community over how best to engage Cuba.

The Road to Copenhagen: Energy Solutions for Emerging Economies

November 05, 2009 // 11:00am12:15pm
Wilson Center on the Hill
Technology and innovation will be critical for China, India, and other emerging economies to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions – and U.S. technology policy can help lead the way, say experts David Irvine-Halliday, Chen Wang, and Anuradda Ganesh.

Book Launch: In Praise of Deadlock: How Partisan Struggle Makes Better Laws

October 19, 2009 // 3:30pm5:00pm
Congress Project
Author W. Lee Rawls, Senior Counsel to the Director, FBI; Richard Baker, Former Senate Historian; Richard Cohen, Congressional Correspondent, The National Journal

Universal Health Care: Are the People Ready for It?

September 21, 2009 // 3:00pm5:00pm
Congress Project
Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.); Julia Lynch, Department of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania; Ceci Connolly, Staff Writer, The Washington Post; Don Wolfensberger, Director, Congress Project (Moderator)

Enough! Emerging U.S. and African Leadership on Food Security

July 29, 2009 // 3:00pm5:00pm
Africa Program
The co-authors of "Enough! Why the World's Poorest Starve in an Age of Plenty" discuss food security and agricultural development in Africa.