Past Events

Societies in Transition: A Virtual Reality Tour

February 22, 2001 // 11:00pm
Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity
General Wes Clark (USA, ret.), former SACEUR; Major General William Nash (USA, ret.), former United Nations Administrator of Mitrovica; Richard McCall, former Senior Advisor to the Administrator, USAID; Ambassador George Ward, Jr., Director of Training Programs at the U.S. Institute of Peace; Lorelei Kelly, Director, Security for a New Century, Cong. Lynn Woolsey; Anita Sharma, Project on Conflict Prevention; Richard White, Director, SENSE.

"Who Will Be China's Next Leader?"

February 20, 2001 // 11:00pm
Asia Program

Congress and the Politics of Pork

February 15, 2001 // 11:00pm
Congress Project

Ukraine's Regional Politics: The Case of GUUAM

February 11, 2001 // 11:00pm
Kennan Institute

Russia's Demographic Crisis

February 04, 2001 // 11:00pm
Kennan Institute

Social Organization and Exchange in Rural Russia

January 28, 2001 // 11:00pm
Kennan Institute

The Chernobyl Shutdown: End or Continuation of an Era?

January 24, 2001 // 11:00pm
Environmental Change and Security Program


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