Past Events

"Buidling Democracy"

August 02, 2001 // 12:00am
Asia Program

"How China Privatizes: A New Institutional Perspective"

July 31, 2001 // 12:00am
Asia Program

Spatial Effects of Civil Wars in Africa and Around the World

July 25, 2001 // 12:00am
Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity
Todd Sandler, Professor of International Relations & Economics at the University of Southern California.

U.S Policy Toward the International Criminal Court: The Case of Ambivalent Multilateralism

July 02, 2001 // 12:00am
Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity
Eric Schwartz, Woodrow Wilson Center Public Policy Scholar and former Special Assistant to the President and NSC Senior Director for Multilateral and Humanitarian Affairs.

Conflict Prevention: Giving Substance to the Rhetoric

June 28, 2001 // 12:00am
Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity
Mark Schneider, Senior Vice President, International Crisis Group.

Reorganizing America’s Military for the 21st Century

June 21, 2001 // 12:00am
Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity
General Gordon R. Sullivan (USA, Ret.), President, Association of the United States Army, and Former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army; Major General Robert H. Scales, Jr. (USA, Ret.), Chief Executive Officer, Walden E-Learning, Inc., and Former Commandant, United States Army War College; Michele A. Flournoy, Senior Advisor, International Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies; Lieutenant Colonel Robert M. Toguchi, USA, Professor, National War College, National Defense University; Colonel Douglas A. Macgregor, USA, Senior Military Research Fellow, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University; James Kurtz, Research Staff Member, Joint Advance War Fighting Program, Institute for Defense Analyses; Major General James J. Grazioplene, USA, Deputy Chief of Staff, Combat Development, United States Army Training and Doctrine.

"A Tale of Two Countries"

June 20, 2001 // 12:00am
Asia Program

The Power of the Left in Ukraine

June 18, 2001 // 12:00am
Kennan Institute


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