Japan Experts

Professor of U.S. Government and History, University of Tokyo, Japan
Professor, Florida State University
Associate Professor of Law, Washburn University
Associate Professor, Lehigh University
Analyst, U.S. Government
Dr. Brenda Seaver has worked as a CIA analyst for 14 years.  She began her career covering East Asia and has spent the last decade focusing on various countries in South America.  Between 2010-12, Seaver was a Latin America Regional Analyst at the US Department of State's Bureau of Intelligence and Research.  She recently completed a two-year rotation to the CIA's Red Cell...
PhD Candidate, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences
Professor of History, Michigan State University.
Sayuri Guthrie Shimizu is a professor of American History at Michigan State University. Her area of expertise is the history of the United States' engagement with the world and she has published extensively on the United States' relations with East Asia, particularly Japan, since the late 19th century. Her approach to historical study is multidisciplinary, encompassing multiple subfields (...
Visiting Lecturer, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Professor, University of Hawaii, Manoa