Europe News

Point of View, by Sabina Auger

Feb 05, 2003
NATO and EU enlargement has occurred without addressing some key institutional, capability, and cultural gap questions that have been hanging over the Euro-Atlantic organizations since the fall of communism.

Wilson Center Addresses Issues of NATO and EU Enlargement

Nov 20, 2002
To address the historic changes and challenges surrounding NATO enlargement and EU expansion, the East European Studies program, together with the Stanley Foundation, has organized a two-phased project titled "Enlarging the Euro-Atlantic Space: Problems and Prospects for Northeastern and Southeastern Europe."

Croatia and Euro-Atlantic Integration

Jun 06, 2002
In this Director's Forum sponsored by the Center's East European Studies program, Prime Minister of Croatia Ivica Racan describes the current situation in Croaia, his government's recent achievements, and future goals.

Why the Balkans?

Mar 01, 2000

Looking at the Future: A Federal Republic of Yugoslavia NGO Conference

Sep 06, 1999
A Transcription of the Gradanske Inicijative Press Release issued on September 6, 1999