Latin America News

Three Keys to Understanding Venezuela’s Latest Crisis

Feb 19, 2014
"Is this the end for chavismo? There is no doubt that with the events of this week Venezuela has entered a new and troubling phase in the chavista revolution," writes Eric Olson.

Latin American Program in the News: "Woodrow Wilson Center hará estudios sobre problema de las drogas en Guatemala"

Feb 18, 2014
This article describes plans for two upcoming Latin American Program studies, due to be published in May, coordinated by Global Fellow Juan Carlos Garzón. The article is in Spanish.

Latin American Program in the News: "Se inicia con dos estudios sobre 'el problema de las drogas en Guatemala'"

Feb 18, 2014
The Foreign Ministry of Guatemala has announced that work will begin this week on two studies by Latin American Program scholars, coordinated by Global Fellow Juan Carlos Garzón. This article is in Spanish.

Cynthia J. Arnson's remarks on the recent developments in Venezuela

Feb 13, 2014
Anti-government protesters clashed with police in Venezuela, leaving three people shot to death and many injured.

Latin American Program in the News: The Pan-American Post News Briefs

Feb 06, 2014
The February 6, 2014 edition of the Pan-American Post News Brief references the Latin American Program's publication “One Goal, Two Struggles: Confronting Crime and Violence in Mexico and Colombia" and the comparison of security lessons from both countries.

Improving Citizen Security in Mexico: Is the Peña Nieto Administration Succeeding?

Feb 05, 2014
Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto made several bold promises while on the campaign trail in 2012 on how he would improve citizen security, including the unofficial claim that his administration would cut violence by 50% during his first year in office. With the administration’s first year complete, we asked two expert observers to provide analysis and context on what has transpired and to provide insight on the outlook moving forward.

The Rot Within: Security and Corruption in Latin America

Feb 04, 2014
An article in the Winter 2013 issue of the journal Social Research, written by former Fellow Mark Ungar, cites two Latin American Program publications on organized crime, one written by Global Fellow Juan Carlos Garzón in 2008 and another edited by Garzón and Associate Director Eric Olson in 2013.

Latin American Program in the News: "¿Logrará Bachelet hacer la reforma educativa en Chile?"

Feb 04, 2014
Roberto Brodsky, a panelist at the Latin American Program's Elections in Latin America event, was interviewed by Club de Prensa's Juan Carlos Iragorri and Muni Jensen about the prospects for education reform in Chile.

Latin American Program in the News: "¿Por qué la izquierda se quedó fuera de la segunda vuelta en Costa Rica?"

Feb 04, 2014
In this discussion with Club de Prensa, Associate Director Eric L. Olson comments on the results of the first round of the Costa Rican presidential election and the implications for the second round.

Latin American Program in the News: "El Salvador Bond Yields Rise Most in Emerging Markets After Vote"

Feb 04, 2014
This article about an increase in El Salvador's benchmark borrowing costs in the wake of the first round of the election quotes Cynthia J. Arnson, Latin American Program Director, about the role of social programs in the election.