Tackling Youth Unemployment in Kenya

Kenya's youth unemployment rate stands at 65%, among the highest in the world. OSI New African Voices Scholar Margaret Wamuyu Muthee explains why Kenya must either find a solution before its 2012 elections fast-approaching or risk renewed violence.

Climate Change Adaptation and Peacebuilding

Climate change adaptation and its relationship to the mitigation or prevention of conflict and supporting resilient societies in fragile or conflict-prone areas have received minimal scholarly or political attention. Yet, climate change remains one of the most important factors in the changing landscape of Africa today.

Environment and Security in the Great Lakes Region

Wilson Center Africa Policy Scholar Patricia Kameri-Mbote discusses environmental and security hazards in Africa's Great Lakes region and opportunities for environmental peacemaking.

Beyond Free and Fair

With Eric Bjornlund, former Wilson Center Fellow and author of Beyond Free And Fair: Monitoring Elections And Building Democracy

Assessing the Nigeria Elections: Can Democracy Emerge from a Badly Flawed Process ?

Presentations made at a conference held at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars on May 18, 2007.


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