Mauritius: Small Island, Big Future

With Deborah Brautigam, former Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center

Improving Health Care in Africa

NOVEMBER 2006--Discussion Deepens the Understanding of Challenges Facing Health Service Delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa

Hitting the Target, Missing the Point: Youth Policies and Programmes in Kenya

Kenya has adopted major governance reforms aimed at improving its socioeconomic and political environment. The reforms include a new constitution (2010), Vision 2030 and other sectoral policies focusing on specific issues and categories of the population such as youth, children, women and persons with disabilities, among others. Youth have increasingly received attention due to their large numbers, gravity of the challenges confronting them and their role in political and electoral violence as well as crime.

The Search for Antiseptic War: The Prospects and Perils of Drones for the United States, the Sahel and Beyond

The U.S. Government has made clear that stabilization missions requiring deployment of large numbers of personnel—military and civilian—are not on the agenda for the foreseeable future. Not only budget constraints but also sobering experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan have produced a strategic shift.

Africa and Twenty-First Century Development Challenges: The North-South Development Agenda Reconsidered

There is much debate today about North versus South development schemes and frameworks. What is effective? What works best in which context?

Winning the Oil End Game: Innovations for Profits, Jobs and Security

A Director's Forum with MacArthur Fellow and physicist Amory Lovins, discussing his recently published book, Winning the Oil Endgame: Innovations for Profits, Jobs and Security.


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