Angola's Financial Sector: The Growth Opportunity

As part of the Angola Day event on May 9, 2007, Emidio Pinheiro presented a powerpoint presentation discussing the macroeconomic outlook of Angola, the domestic financial sector, and the challenges of the future.

Working Group Series Papers

The Africa Program periodically convenes closed door and invitation-only Sudan Working Group meetings where timely issues confronting the country are roundly addressed and analyzed by experts, academics, representives from the government, NGO community, and private industry. These meetings operate under Chatham House Rules and commentary from participants go unattibuted.

Katanga: Muyambo-Katumbi, hand in hand!

The winds of revival and development of the Katanga province are already blowing. Proof of that: the determination and will of Katangese leaders to walk hand in hand from now on.

Enhancing Climate Change Technology Transfer between the Global North and the Global South

Climate change technology transfer has been included in several plans and programs with the aim of bridging the gap between industrialized countries and the developing world.

Shaping Burundi's Future

Africa Program Director Howard Wolpe describes the political opening that led to the creation of the Burundi Leadership Training Program and some of the challenges that remain for Burundian leaders.



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