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"Japan Sets Out"

October 16, 2001 // 12:00am

The U.S. Role In The World: Enhancing The Capacity To Respond To Complex Contingency Operations

September 19, 2001 // 1:00am2:00am
Ruth Wedgwood, professor of International Law at Yale and Johns Hopkins Universities; Ellen Laipson and Enid Schoettle the National Intelligence Council (NIC); Eric Schwartz, former National Security Council (NSC); Matthew McLean, NSC; Matthew Vaccaro, Defense Department; State Deptartment, Dennis Skocz; Robert Orr, Center for Strategic and International Studies; Julia Taft and Tapio Kanninen, United Nations, and others.

The Economics of War: The Intersection of Need, Creed and Greed

September 10, 2001 // 12:00am
A conference co-sponosored with the International Peace Academy examined the intersection between the economic factors of conflict and the more traditional factors, including ideology, identity, and geopolitical security.

"Buidling Democracy"

August 02, 2001 // 12:00am

"A Tale of Two Countries"

June 20, 2001 // 12:00am

Ideological Trends in Contemoprary China

June 05, 2001 // 12:00am

"A Matter of Confidence"

May 18, 2001 // 12:00am

"Taiwan: One Year into the Revolution?"

May 17, 2001 // 12:00am


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