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Stephen Tankel Discusses the Indian Mujahideen

South Asia security specialist Stephen Tankel spoke with the Asia Program about his report, Jihadist Violence: The Indian Threat, the Indian Mujahideen, and their ties to other organizations.

Michael Kugelman's Op-Ed on U.S.-Pakistan Cooperation on Water Issues

In a November 17 op-ed in Pakistan's Dawn newspaper, program associate Michael Kugelman argues that U.S.-Pakistan cooperation on water issues can improve ties between the two countries.

The Global Farmland Rush

Over the last decade food-importing nations and private investors have been securing land abroad to use for agriculture – cumulatively amounting to approximately the size of Western Europe. Michael Kugelman highlights how this practice puts citizens of some poorer countries in danger of losing their patrimony, not to mention their sources of food.

Finding Dollars, Sense, and Legitimacy in Burma

All eyes are upon Burma as it hosts its first election in 20 years. Would this election bear any significance to Burma's political future? In a new Asia Program publication, eight Burma experts weigh in, offering insights on the recent state of Burma's economy and politics. Edited by Susan L. Levenstein. Send an email to for a free copy or click on the attachment for a free PDF version.

Asia Program staff featured in South China Morning Post

Timothy Hildebrandt was published in the January 1, 2004 issue of the South China Morning Post

Musharraf in America

In a new Dawn newspaper op-ed, program associate Michael Kugelman examines American views of Pervez Musharraf.

Five Pakistani Militants We Should Be Paying More Attention To

Michael Kugelman writes about five Pakistani militant leaders who are worth singling out—not just because they threaten stability, but because they foreshadow Pakistani militancy’s future trajectory.


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