Yours, Mine, Ours—China's Carbon Emissions in an Interdependent World

July 17, 2008 // 9:00am11:00am
Jim Watson, Sussex Energy Group; Trevor Houser, Rhodium Group, LLC

Greening Business in China

July 11, 2008 // 9:00am11:00am
Terry Yosie, World Environment Center; Weijia Ye, New Ventures/World Resources Institute

Coal City

May 22, 2008 // 9:00am11:00am
Speakers present the coal component of the USAID-supported China Environmental Health Project, which aims to obtain accurate data on coal-fired pollution emissions in Huainan, China.

Local-to-Local Energy Linkages: California and Alberta in China

May 20, 2008 // 2:00pm4:00pm
In light of the minimal cooperation between the U.S. and Canadian governments with China’s central government on energy, some U.S. states and Canadian provinces have begun to pursue effective forms of engagement with local-level Chinese counterparts on energy.

Cement and Climate Change in China

May 16, 2008 // 9:30am11:30am
Cement production is an energy-intensive process. It is estimated that China's cement—much of which is produced in energy inefficient, highly polluting kilns—consumes roughly six percent of the nation's energy.

Environmental Cooperation Between Hong Kong and Guangdong

April 29, 2008 // 9:30am11:30am
Yok-Shiu F. Lee, The University of Hong Kong; Carlos Wing-Hung Lo, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Book Launch: The China Price: The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage

April 25, 2008 // 10:00am12:00pm
Alexandra Harney, former reporter and editor at the Financial Times, discusses her new book, an exposé of how China's factory economy competes for Western business by selling out its workers, its environment, and its future.

Seeking Solutions for Water Scarcity in China

April 08, 2008 // 9:00am11:00am
Bryan Lohmar, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service; Wang Rong, China University of Political Science & Law and the China Center for Law and Sustainable Development Research

Environmental Film Festival Screening: The Green Dragon

March 19, 2008 // 12:00pm2:00pm
Jennifer L. Turner, Woodrow Wilson Center; Caroline Harrison, Filmmaker

Efforts in Moving Towards a Low Carbon Future: China's Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Laws

February 13, 2008 // 8:00am10:00am
Wang Mingyuan, executive director of the Center for Environmental, Natural Resources & Energy Law at the Tsinghua University Law School, discusses the content of the energy conservation law, which was amended in 2007.


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