Susan Chan Shifflett and Jennifer Turner's Paper Published on China Economic Report

The water-energy-food choke point is forcing a new 21st century reckoning.

Final Report for CEF Municipal Financing for Environmental Infrastructure in China Project

A project supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

CES 9 Feature Article, pp. 19-42

Surf and Turf: Environmental and Food Safety Concerns of China's Aquaculture and Animal Husbandry By Linden J. Ellis & Jennifer L. Turner Feature Box: Greening China's Banks By Christina Larson

CEF Speaker Publishes Paper on China's Strategic Priorities in International Climate Change Negotiations

NOVEMBER 2007 - Joanna Lewis Piece Published in The Washington Quarterly

CEF Coordinator coauthors China Watch article on the arrest of a Chinese environmentalist.

NOVEMBER 2005-Lila Buckley and Jennifer Turner comment on the arrest of Tan Kai in Hangzhou.

CEF Director Jennifer Turner interviewed by VOA on China's new Air Pollution Action Plan

Dr. Turner mentioned the importance and challenges of the new action plan.

Conference on Health and Environment Call for Papers

APRIL 2009 - Forum on Health, Environment and Development is seeking papers and panels for its Nov. 5-7 conference


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