The Sighet Memorial Museum

September 10, 2003 // 4:00pm5:30pm
Romulus Rusan, Director of the International Center for the Study of Communism and Vice-President of the Civic Academy Foundation will make a short presentation of the Sighet Memorial Museum.

Cold War Memory: Interpreting the Physical Legacy of the Cold War

September 08, 2003 // 9:00am6:00pm
On September 8 and 9, 2003, the Woodrow Wilson Center's Cold War International History Project hosted a pioneering international conference on Cold War commemorative efforts. The meeting was co-sponsored by the Association of Air Force Missileers, the Cold War Museum, the German Historical Institute (Washington, DC), the Harry S. Truman Library, the Kennan Institute; in cooperation with the Norwegian Aviation Museum, the Eisenhower Foundation and Eisenhower Presidential Library, and the National Coalition for History; and with generous financial support from the Boeing Company and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Lyndon Johnson and Europe: In the Shadow of Vietnam

June 05, 2003 // 1:30pm3:00pm
Thomas A. Schwartz, associate professor of history at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, will discuss his latest book Lyndon Jonhson and Europe: In the Shadow of Vietnam

The Main Enemy: The Inside Story of the CIA's Final Showdown with the KGB

May 12, 2003 // 3:30pm5:00pm
Authors Milt Beardon and James Risen discuss the CIA's role during the last years of the Cold War and their findings published in their recent book The Main Enemy (Random House, 2003)

Lives and Consequences: The Local Impact of the Cold War

April 25, 2003 // 12:00am
The International Security Studies Program at Yale University and the Cold War International History Project team up for a conference on diplomatic history from a local perspective. The conference will analyze and discuss ways in which localities experienced the Cold War and communities influenced the conflict's larger actors.

Triangular Diplomacy and Regional Conflict: Re-Evaluating the Kissinger Years

April 15, 2003 // 3:30pm5:00pm
Jussi Hanhimaki, 2002-2003 Woodrow Wilson Center Fellow, will present findings from his current research project. A commentary will be provided by William Burr, Senior Analyst at the National Security Archive.

Secret Empire: Eisenhower, the CIA, and the Hidden Story of America’s Space Espionage

April 15, 2003 // 10:00am11:00am
A Director's Forum with Philip Taubman, Deputy Editorial Page Editor, The New York Times and two-time Polk award-winner

Khrushchev: The Man and His Era by William Taubman

March 25, 2003 // 2:30pm5:00pm
The Cold War International History Project and the Kennan Institute present author William Taubman, Strobe Talbott, president of The Brookings Institution, and jounalist Daniel Schorr to discuss Khrushchev: The Man and His Era.

The North Korean Revolution, 1945-1950

March 07, 2003 // 2:30pm4:00pm
Charles Armstrong will present his new book, "The North Korean Revolution, 1945-1950." A discussion will follow chaired by Dr. Katharine Moon and featuring comments by Selig S. Harrison and Dr. Kathryn Weathersby.