Section 3 - Yugoslavia and the Cold War

Yugoslavia and the Cold War by Christian Ostermann ***The Soviet Bloc and the Initial Stage of the Cold War: Archival Documents on Stalin's Meetings with Communist Leaders of Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, 1946-1948 by Leonid Gibianskii ***Soviet Plans to Establish the COMINFORM in Early 1946: New Evidence from the Hungarian Archives by Csaba Békés ***Stalin's Plan to Assassinate Tito*** The Turn in Soviet-Yugoslav Relations, 1953-55 by Andrei Edemskii ***Soviet-Yugoslav Relations and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 by Leonid Gibianskii ***

The Malta Summit and US-Soviet Relations: Testing the Waters Amidst Stormy Seas

CWIHP is pleased to announce the release of the most complete American copy of the Malta Summit transcript available to researchers. In CWIHP e-Dossier No. 40, Joshua Shifrinson compares the US and Soviet records to provide a fresh reinterpretation of the outcome of this pivotal meeting between Gorbachev and Bush.

CWIHP Director Christian Ostermann Briefs UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

12/02/02--Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, spoke briefly with staff and scholars at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars on December 2.

Section 4 - New Evidence on Sino-Soviet Relations

The Emerging Disputes Betwen Beijing and Moscow: Ten Newly Available Chinese Documents, 1956-1958 introduction, translations, and annotations by Zhang Shu Guang and Chen Jian***Mao on Sino-Soviet Relations: Two Conversations with the Soviet Ambassador introduction by Odd Arne Westad***The Soviet Foreign Ministry Appraisal of Sino-Soviet Relations on the Eve of the Split by Mark Kramer***East German Documents on the Sino-Soviet Border Conflict, 1969 by Christian F. Ostermann***The Cold War in Asia: Khabarovsk Conference Held on Russian Far East by David L. Wolff***Soviet Reactions to the Sino-Soviet Border Rift introduction and translations by Elizabeth Wishnick***Sino-Soviet Tensions, 1980: Two Russian Documents introduction and translations by Elizabeth Wishnick***

Step Forward in Archival Openness in Bulgaria

CWIHP is pleased to announce that its Bulgarian partner COMDOS – The Committee for Disclosing the Documents and Announcing the Affiliation of Bulgarian Citizens to the State Security and the Intelligence Services of the Bulgarian National Army – is expected to receive the archival record of the State Security Agency based on a tri-lateral agreement with the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior and the Archives State Agency signed in April 2010.

Divided Loyalties Within the Bloc: Romanian Objection to Soviet Informal Controls, 1963-1964

CWIHP is pleased to announce the release of six new documents translated into English for the first time. In CWIHP e-Dossier No. 42, Larry L. Watts describes Romanian efforts to dismantle Soviet espionage networks and remove active intelligence agents from the country, including the Soviet wives of high-level Romanian officers.