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"We Are in a Bind": Polish and Czechoslovak Attempts at Reforming the Warsaw Pact, 1956-1969 by Vojtech Mastny ***New Evidence on the Cuban Missile Crisis: Khrushchev, Nuclear Weapons, and the Cuban Missile Crisis by Raymond L. Garthoff ***Soviet Moldavia and the 1968 Czechoslovak Crisis: A Report on the Political "Spill-Over" introduction and translation by Mark Kramer ***Microfilm Projects in East European Military Archives by Ronald D. Landa ***"Pacifistic Blowback"? New Evidence on the Soviet Peace Campaign in the Early 1950s by Nigel Gould-Davies ***Between Solidarity and Neutrality: The Nordic Countries and the Cold War, 1945-1991 by Valur Ingimundarson ***News from Hanoi Archives: Summer 1998 by David Wolff ***Conference on Understanding the End of the Cold War by Nina Tannenwald ***

The Cold War in East Asia, 1945-1991 Reviewed in H-Diplo

Volume of the CWIHP Book series, "The Cold War in East Asia, 1945-1991," featured in H-Diplo Roundtable Review

CWIHP Bulletin

The Cold War International History Project's flagship publication.

The Beginning of the End for Détente: The Warsaw Pact Political Consultative Committee

CWIHP is pleased to announce the addition of a new documents to its online Digital Archive. In CWIHP e-Dossier No. 24, Mircea Munteanu analyzes new archival evidence on the Warsaw Pact's internal relations and military policy – meeting notes taken by Romanian Ambassador Vasile Sandru at a 1978 session of the Political Consultative Committee.

Romania and the Warsaw Pact, 1955-1989

A CWIHP Document Reader compiled for the International Conference "Romania and the Warsaw Pact," 3-6 October 2002, Bucharest, Romania.


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