Getting Back to Legislating, Remarks of Don Wolfensberger

Getting Back to Legislating, Remarks of Don Wolfensberger at Bradley University Conference on Returning Civility to Our Public Discourse Tuesday, April 16, 201

Financial Crisis Will Limit Options of New President and Congress

Both presidential candidates as well as Congress have begun preparing for the transition to a new administration. But the current market meltdown will shuffle their plans, said panelists at a Congress Project roundtable.

Of Mavericks and Raiders: Studying the Process-Policy Nexus

April 3, 2006 By Don Wolfensberger,Roll Call Contributing Writer

Congress Left for Recess on Temporary Miracle

Congress completed work on an important piece of legislation Dec. 23 after most Members had already left town for the holidays. In his column, Don Wolfensberger describes this immaculate conception of a public law as a temporary Christmas miracle with a very short half-life since it will have to be revisited in February.

Privilege Claim Not New; Congress Still Holds the Cards

July 30, 2007By Don WolfensbergerRoll Call Contributing Writer



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