Congress Is Always Reluctant to End Wars Unilaterally

March 12, 2007 By Don Wolfensberger,Roll Call Contributing Writer

Rubber-Band Politics' Snapback Sting

Sometimes Congress’s budget gimmicks snap back and sting. Sequestration (or across the board spending cuts) wasn’t supposed to happen, but something snapped, and everyone got stung.

House Executes Deliberation With Special Rules

June 19, 2006 By Don Wolfensberger,Roll Call Contributing Writer

Minority's Motion to Recommit Should Not Be Curtailed

November 12, 2007 By Don Wolfensberger,Roll Call Contributing Writer

Is Negotiating Political Agreement a Lost Art?

A group of political scientists say Congress has forgotten the art of negotiating political agreements and needs to relearn it if our government is to continue to function as intended. Wolfensberger says in today's Congress, with all the distractions during shortened work weeks, simple deliberations are a difficult challenge for most members.

Can You Trust a Budget Process Over 30?

Remarks of Don Wolfensberger before the American Association of Budget and Planning Analysts' Panel on the 30th Anniversary of the Congressional Budget Act. April 13, 2005.

Individual Privacy in a New Security Age

Privacy issues are at the forefront of public debate, as the U.S. government strives to balance privacy with security. A recent Congress Project seminar delved into this issue.