Burning the Bridge to the 21st Century: The End of the Era of Integrated Conferences

While global environmental and population challenges are clearer and more pressing than ever, the international community seems less capable of constructive agreement, writes Frederick Meyerson.

Issue 23: To Live With the Sea: Reproductive Health Care and Marine Conservation in Madagascar

Blue Ventures' Vik Mohan, Rebecca Hill, and Alasdair Harris argue that their integrated approach, which combines reproductive health with conservation measures in Madagascar, offers communities--and the marine environment on which they depend--the best possible chances of survival.

Beginning the Demographic Transition: Very Young and Youthful Age Structures

From 1970-2000, "only 13 percent of countries with a very young age structure had fully democratic governments, compared with 83 percent of countries with a mature age structure," says Elizabeth Leahy, who compares age structure to conflict in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Iran, and Pakistan.

The New Security Beat Goes Mobile--And a Guide to ECSP Media Sources

A new mobile-optimized version of ECSP's blog is now available.

Spotlight on New Environmental and Energy Initiatives in China

Hoffman Institute's water work in Hunan; WRI's New Center for Transport and the Environment in Shanghai; and EPA's eebuildings Initiative

Who Owns The Arctic Part 7: Regional or Global Resource?

The Arctic is a nearly pristine environment containing vast resources that are attracting a growing number of non-Arctic nations. And questions about the changing nature of the region present challenges to our understanding of how to best approach a fragile ecosystem. Are the questions and challenges surrounding the Arctic regional or global in nature. Willy Østreng shares his thoughts during the final installment of our series, “Who Owns The Arctic?”

ECSP Report 2: Feature Articles

Includes feature articles, a debate about environment and security scholarship, and excerpts from official statements and documents.


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