ECSP Report 2: Feature Articles

Includes feature articles, a debate about environment and security scholarship, and excerpts from official statements and documents.

ECSP Report 1: Feature Articles

Includes table of contents, feature articles, and excerpts from official statements and documents.

Political Instability Task Force: New Findings

Professors Jack Goldstone, Robert Bates, and Colin Kahl presented the Political Instability Task Force's latest findings

CEF Speaker Joanna Lewis Publishes Article entitled "China's Climate Change Strategy"

JUNE 2007 - CEF's former speaker, Joanna Lewis, article appears in the June 27th issue of China Brief

Foreword: Environmental Security Heats Up

Climate change has never drawn this much attention from the security community, especially in the United States, where the environmental security field is emerging from the shadows.

Linking the Environment and Women’s Health at the World Conservation Congress

People don’t often think of gender issues when they think of the environment, but in fact sustainable development in many of the world’s most bio-diverse regions has a lot to do with women’s health and well-being.

Experts Call for More Nuanced Research on Environment, Population, and Security

MARCH 2006--Addressing Environmental Problems and Population Dynamics May Lower the Risk of Conflict, Some Tell ECSP Report 11

Sustained Development, Democracy, and Peace in Africa

When we manage resources sustainably and practice good governance, we promote cultures of peace, says Wangari Maathai.



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