Women’s Rights and Voices Belong at Rio+20

For the scores of women who will be attending the 20th anniversary of the first UN Earth Summit this June (and just importantly for those who aren’t), there are glaring omissions: reproductive health, gender equality, and girls education are nowhere to be found on the Rio+20 agenda.

ECSP Director to Discuss Security for a New Century

SEPTEMBER 2005--Geoffrey Dabelko to Provide Hill Briefing

Trade, Aid and Security: An Agenda for Peace and Development

Trade, Aid and Security: An Agenda for Peace and Development undertakes the challenging task of assessing the interrelationships between trade and aid, as well as the complex causes of conflict within the poorest countries.

Policy Briefs

The Wilson Center Policy Briefs are a series of short analyses of critical global issues facing the United States.

Issue 22: Coffee and Community: Combining Agribusiness and Health in Rwanda

Author Irene Kitzantides describes the SPREAD Project's integration of agribusiness development with community health care and education, including family planning, in Rwanda.

Climate Change Is Linked to Security, But Don't Overplay It

AUGUST 2009--As the impacts of climate change on national security are beginning to receive attention at the highest levels of government, climate-security experts must avoid oversimplifying these complex connections, ECSP Director Geoff Dabelko writes in two new articles.

Chicago Public Radio's Worldview Presents Weeklong Series on Environment and Conflict

APRIL 2008—"Environmental War and Peace" Features Interview With ECSP Director Geoff Dabelko

Chapter Three: Early Warning and Assessment of Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation

Marc Levy and Patrick Philippe Meier recommend that assessments and early warning systems integrate environmental variables more completely and effectively. The authors assert that the international system has little capacity to monitor and assess conflict and cooperation on environmental issues.

Boehlert Reflects on 25 Years of Bipartisanship

Sherwood Boehlert, the 12-term congressman from upstate New York renowned for his bipartisan efforts and strong environmental record, just spent six months at the Wilson Center working on a new book about his time in Congress.

AIDS and War: Women in the Crossfire

Jennifer Wisnewski Kaczor's article "AIDS and War: Women in the Crossfire" looks at how gender-based violence--including the transmission of AIDS--is being used as a tool of war.


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