ECSP Director Quoted in Christian Science Monitor

"Environmental Peacemaking" features ECSP issues and contributors.

Defusing the Bomb: Overcoming Pakistan's Population Challenge

The Asia Program and Environmental Change and Security Program will host a conference on June 9, examining not a when-does-the-bomb-explode scenario, but instead one of what-if-any-steps-can-be-taken-to-put-the-bomb-out.

Aspen Design Challenge Invites Students to Design Water's Future

JULY 2008—Finalists To Present Proposals at Fall 2009 UN Climate Change Conference

ECSP Report 4: Event Summaries

Event summaries from meetings sponsored by the Environmental Change and Security Program between May and December 1997.

CEF Produces Two New Environmental Health Project Research Briefs

APRIL 2007 - Coal Mining, by intern Yang Yang and Desertification, by assistant Linden Ellis are now posted on the Environmental Heath Project web page.

Commentary: Should Global Poverty be a U.S. National Security Issue? (Part 1)

ECSP invited analysts to address whether global poverty should and can be a U.S. national security issue.

Wilson Center Launches Global Health Initiative

SEPTEMBER 2005--Inaugural Event to Examine Potential Avian Influenza Outbreak


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