Defusing the Bomb: Overcoming Pakistan's Population Challenge

The Asia Program and Environmental Change and Security Program will host a conference on June 9, examining not a when-does-the-bomb-explode scenario, but instead one of what-if-any-steps-can-be-taken-to-put-the-bomb-out.

Environment in the U.S. Security Debate: The Case of the Missing Arctic Waters

This essay asks whether and if so how the United States might employ new understandings of security in the management of Arctic waters issues, and in responding even more particularly to the prospect of intensified use of Russia’s Northern Sea Route.

CEF Director Interviewed on Public Radio International

OCTOBER 2007 - Dr. Jennifer Turner interviewed on To the Point regarding the Olympics games and pollution

Aspen Design Challenge Invites Students to Design Water's Future

JULY 2008—Finalists To Present Proposals at Fall 2009 UN Climate Change Conference

Victor Barbiero Joins Global Health Initiative as Senior Adviser

JUNE 2006--Brings Expertise to Burgeoning Program

Experts Discuss NOVA's Earth Day Episode "World in the Balance" Airing April 20 on PBS

Lester Brown, Joel Cohen, Shanti Conly, and the producers Paula Apsell and Linda Harrar discussed stories from NOVA's new episode.

Commentary: Should Global Poverty be a U.S. National Security Issue? (Part 1)

ECSP invited analysts to address whether global poverty should and can be a U.S. national security issue.

Peace Parks: Conservation and Conflict Resolution

In Peace Parks: Conservation and Conflict Resolution, 31 authors explore the multiple ways in which environmental conservation zones can facilitate the resolution of territorial conflicts.

'Managing Our Planet' Series Kicks Off January 19

A year-long series of science and policy dialogues announced, hosted by George Mason University and Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

A Review of Decision-Making Support Tools in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Sector

A joint paper by ECSP and the Pacific Institute indicates that existing support resources fail to adequately serve the needs of practitioners, but highlights the necessary characteristics of an effective decision-making support tool.


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