Building Peace Through Environmental Cooperation

Worldwatch's State of the World 2005 Includes Chapter on Environmental Peacemaking

Seven Ways Seven Billion People Affect the Planet

Seven billion people now live on earth, only a dozen years after global population hit six billion. But the seven billion milestone is not about sheer numbers: Demographic trends will significantly impact the planet’s resources and peoples’ security.

Global Conflict Transformation: Lessons from the Field

Paper contribution to January 2010 seminar on environmental peacebuilding.

Hong Kong Conference Report: Section 6 (English)

Section 6 features the work of various environmental NGOs in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Pakistan's Health System Troubled, Says Wilson Center Pakistan Scholar Samia Altaf

JANUARY 2008—Wilson Quarterly Piece Diagnoses Challenges to Foreign Aid's Effectiveness

Integrating Population, Environment Crucial to Development

Across East Africa, innovative development programs are integrating family planning and health services, natural resource management, and the creation of sustainable livelihoods. A recent conference held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, explored the benefits, challenges, and opportunities associated with these integrated programs.

Human Population and Environmental Stresses in the Twenty-First Century

In his article, Ambassador Richard Benedick examines a host of population dynamics and their complex interlinkages with three representative environmental issue areas: forests, freshwater resources, and climate change.


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