Issue 16: Poor Health, Poor Women: How Reproductive Health Affects Poverty

In research conducted for the World Bank, Thomas Merrick and Margaret E. Greene found that poor reproductive health outcomes have negative effects on overall health, and, in some cases, on education and household well-being.

Archived Webcasts Available in High and Low Bandwidth

Watch and listen as Paul Ehrlich launches his new book and Pekka Haavisto describes UNEP's Post-Conflict Environmental Assessments

ECSP Report 6: Reviews of New Publications

Experts review new publications.

Kite Sensorship: Regulating China’s Airways

Launched in July 2012, FLOAT Beijing—a community art project that utilizes citizen science—offers a simple, innovative, and non-confrontational approach to air quality monitoring: kites. Pioneered by two U.S. graduate students, the project tracks air pollutants using air sensor modules attached to kites.

From Planting Trees to Making Peace: The Next Steps for Environment, Population, and Security

Complete set of commentaries on the future of environmental security by Geoffrey D. Dabelko, Jared Diamond, Margaret Brusasco-Mackenzie, Erika Weinthal, Richard Cincotta, Roger-Mark De Souza, Richard Matthew, and Bryan McDonald.

An Ethical Approach to Population and Climate Change

As interest in the relationship between global population growth and climate change grows, Suzanne Petroni calls for "a thoughtful and deliberative dialogue around voluntary family planning's contribution to mitigating climate change."

Retrieving the Wisdom of Those in Need: Community Healing and Engagement in Times of Disaster

Paper contribution to the April 2011 seminar on post-disaster community engagement.

ECSP Releases Water Stories, a Study of Small-Scale Water and Sanitation Initiatives

AUGUST 2007—Report Outlines Paths to Success for Community-Based Water and Sanitation Projects

New Kids on the Bloc: Chinese State Oil Companies

Wilson Center Public Policy Scholar Jill Shankleman says Chinese state oil and mining companies have started to think about social responsibility as integral to long-term success and have begun implementing programs to help local communities affected by oil and mineral exploration.


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