dotPOP: Online Resources for Water and Sanitation

A compilation of key online resources for data on water and sanitation.

Program Assistant - Environmental Change & Security Program

The Center's Environmental Change & Security Program is currently searching for two program assistants that will be responsible for a multitude of tasks ranging from administrative to social media account management. Please review the full job opportunity announcement for a complete list of duties and details on how to apply.

Should Global Poverty Be Considered a U.S. National Security Issue?

Noted analysts Vincent Ferraro, Carol Lancaster, Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Jeffrey D. Sachs, and John Sewell answer the question in commentaries for the Environmental Change and Security Project's ECSP Report. The next issue of ECSP Report will be released in October.

Security By Other Means: Foreign Assistance, Global Poverty, and American Leadership

This Brookings Institution volume, edited by Lael Brainard, joins the growing chorus of criticism of foreign assistance reform in offering a clear set of first steps.

The Year Resilience Gets Real

Extreme emergencies like Super Typhoon Haiyan are becoming more frequent and more destructive. If we get serious about resilience, we could reduce our vulnerability and rebuild better.

Demographic Change and Ecological Security

The author discusses four significant demographic issues in the context of the ecological security framework: population growth, movements, graying, and differential growth.

War and Warming

Using recent publications written by ECSP Director Geoff Dabelko, the Autumn 2009 Wilson Quarterly explores the growing links between climate change and security; and the pitfalls of "hyperbole and exaggeration" that may follow.

Environmental Issues: What’s Trending in 2013?

Which environmental issues will dominate headlines this year? Bloomberg BNA's Director of Environmental News, John Sullivan, offers his thoughts on what will be the key legislative, regulatory, and legal developments in 2013.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Environment Still Key to Global Security, Says ECSP Director Geoff Dabelko

MAY 2008—"An Uncommon Peace" Part of Environment Magazine's Series on Brundtland Report


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