China Exim Bank Publicly Discloses Environmental Policy

MAY 2007 - China Export Import Bank, featured in CEF's March meeting, releases their environmental policy to the internet

New ECSP Series Focuses on Population, Environment, Security

NOVEMBER 2005--Inaugural Report Discusses PHE Research in Guatemala's Petén

The Devil is a Local Call Away: Cities, the Arts, and Misunderstanding “Decay”

At the height of the Cold War, Soviet wags loved to tell ironic tales about their political leaders. Communist Party General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev inspired a number of particularly endearing stories which always somehow related to his being slightly at sea in the middle of world events swirling around him. One such anikdot pitted the witless Brezhnev against a wily Richard Nixon.

Finding the Source: Exploring the Population/Water Resources Nexus in the Developing World

This article explores the population/water resources nexus by using empirical examples from Africa in order to isolate some of the strategically important issues that policymakers should recognize.

Senators: Water Is a National Security Issue; Key to Foreign Assistance Reform

MARCH 2009—ECSP Director Dabelko Praises Historic Week in Washington for Water

ECSP Report 12

ECSP Report 12 analyzes conflicts over natural resources, which are increasingly depleted by population growth, environmental degradation, poverty, and over-consumption. Complete report.


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