Hong Kong Conference Report: Section 7 (English)

Section 7 reflects on the prospect for environmental cooperation and peacemaking in this and other regions of conflict.

Chicago Public Radio's Worldview Presents Weeklong Series on Environment and Conflict

APRIL 2008—"Environmental War and Peace" Features Interview With ECSP Director Geoff Dabelko

dotPOP: Online Resources for Population Data

A compilation of key online resources for data on population.

ECSP Report 6: Table of Contents

The 2000 issue of the ECSP Report features commentaries on commentaries address environment, population, and conflict; and trade and the environment. Table of Contents.

Why Societies Rise and Fall: A Discussion With Thomas Homer-Dixon

NOVEMBER 2006--The Upside of Down at the Wilson Center

Environment Roundtable: Responding to Climate Change & Syria Update

We convene our environment roundtable for a discussion of unintended consequences resulting from efforts to respond to climate change with Geoff Dabelko, Lisa Friedman, and Stacy Vandeveer. Also, Aaron David Miller joins us for a Syria update.

The Price of Neglect: From Resource Conflict to Maoist Insurgency in the Himalayan Kingdom

Bishnu Upreti’s book, The Price of Neglect: From Resource Conflict to Maoist Insurgency in the Himalayan Kingdom was published in 2004, just as the Maoist insurgency was reaching a fever pitch and violence was spreading to the capital, Kathmandu.

Environmental Security Side Events Scheduled for 13th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development

ECSP co-sponsors "Water and Global Security: Integrating Environmental Peacemaking in the Reforms of the United Nations"

Serving the Stewards: Improving Reproductive Health and Protecting the Amazonian Rainforest

The "From the Field" article by Caryl Feldacker, a University of Michigan Population Fellow reports for Brazil for the Spring 2004 issue of PECS News



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