Family Planning Has Health, Environmental, Economic Benefits, Say Former USAID Population Directors

APRIL 2009—New Report Argues for Doubling Spending on International Family Planning

Wilson Center's Work on China Environment Praised in Congressional testimony

Dr. Elizabeth Economy of the Council on Foreign Relations praised the Wilson Center's work on China environment in Congressional testimony

Book Review: "Plundered Nations? Successes and Failures in Natural Resource Extraction"

In many resource rich countries, natural assets have not led to development. Plundered Nations?, edited by Paul Collier and Anthony Venables, lays out a series of decisions that need to be got “sufficiently right” for the depletion of natural assets to be converted into sustained development.

ECSP Report 8

The 2002 issue of the Environmental Change and Security Program Report features 19 commentaries by experts worldwide on the most important issues for the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development and beyond. Complete report.

ECSP Launches Two Expert Meeting Series on Environmental Conflict; PHE

JANUARY 2008—Events Will Explore Links Between Conflict, Natural Resources, Health; Future of Integrated Population-Health-Environment Projects

ECSP Report 2

In the 1996 issue of ECSP's annual report, Miriam R. Lowi writes about water disputes in the Middle East, while Dennis Pirages explores "microsecurity". Also in this issue: a look at overseas contamination by the military; an action plan for population, development, and environment; and Thomas Homer-Dixon's findings from a project on environment, population, and security.

ECSP Report 13

The 13th issue of the Environmental Change and Security Program Report details the non-traditional security threats and opportunities facing the world today. Complete report.

ECSP Launches Demography & Security Listserv

OCTOBER 2006--New Forum For Sharing News, Ideas, Research

Experts Find the Human Face of Environmental Security

More than 150 researchers and policymakers debated the focus on people in discussions of global environmental change at the capstone conference of the Global Environmental Change and Human Security (GECHS) Project. ECSP Director Geoff Dabelko reports from Oslo.


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