Duke University's Nicholas Institute Releases Report on Energy Security

JUNE 2007—Publication Provides Recommendations to U.S. Government

People on the Move: Reducing the Impacts of Human Migration on Biodiversity

This book provides conservation planners and protected area managers with an excellent overview of contemporary human migration, emphasizing its impacts on biodiversity.

In Mongolia, Climate Change and Mining Boom Threaten National Identity

Mongolia, a vast, sparsely populated country almost as large as Western Europe, is at once strikingly poor and strikingly rich. Its GDP per capita falls just below that of war-torn Iraq, and Ulan Bator has some of the worst air pollution ever recorded in a capital city. At the same time, Mongolia sits atop some of the world’s largest mineral reserves, worth trillions of dollars, and its economy, already one of the world’s fastest growing, could expand by a factor of six by the end of the decade as those reserves are developed.

World's Largest Gathering of Africa Scholars to Discuss Politics, Health

African Studies Association Convenes 2,000 Scholars and Policymakers in Washington, DC to Examine Continent's History and Future

MEDIA ADVISORY: Save Money, Lives, and the Earth by Combining Conservation and Family Planning, Say Experts at World Conservation Congress

OCTOBER 2008—Integrated Population-Health-Environment Programs More Effective, Efficient

Dialogue Features ECSP Speakers and Scholars

Interviews with Sandra Postel, Jeffrey McKee, John Sewell, and Fred Meyerson

PECS News Issue 5 (Fall 2001)

PECS News Issue 5 features a discussion with the CDC's Dr. Helene Gayle, a review of GIS as a tool for population-environment research, and a field report from Madagascar.

Migration, Population Change, and the Rural Environment

This article considers issues pertaining to the linkages between rural populations, migration from and to rural areas, and the environment, focusing on developing countries in the latter part of the 20th century.

ECSP, Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies Launch Podcasts

AUGUST 2007—Programs Use New Media to Target New Audiences


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