The Young and the Restless: Population Age Structure and Civil War

"[T]he importance of youthful age structure—particularly in insurgency-based civil wars—should not be ignored. The relationship between large youth cohorts and civil war appears to have held throughout history," writes Sarah Staveteig.


Some of the most biodiverse areas of the world are also some of the most underserved when it comes to health care. The “FOCUS” series of reports highlights population, health, and environment (PHE) projects around the world that work to address the health of communities and their natural resources to enable more sustainable development in remote, rapidly growing regions.

Asia's Future Report Released

SEPTEMBER 2009- The Woodrow Wilson Center's ECSP and China Environment Forum received a grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development to investigate Asia's most serious environmental challenges by bringing together global experts to hold discussions that will enable us to identify trends and opportunities to improve Asia's future environment. The report is now available online.

New Formula for Foreign Aid Provides New Hope for Success

Traditionally, U.S. foreign aid has relied heavily on government funded initiatives. But new models built around public-private partnerships are providing hope for better results. A National Conversation discussion focused on this emerging activity and also included a keynote address from USAID Administrator, Rajiv Shah.

Response Paper - Pathways to Peace: Defining Community in the Age of Globalization

Paper contribution to January 2010 seminar on environmental peacebuilding.

MEDIA ADVISORY: East African Experts Discuss Population, Health, Environment at Wilson Center

MAY 2008—Projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania Use Integrated Approach

ECSP Report 5: Official Statements

Excerpts from recent official statements in which environment and population issues are prominently cited in the context of security and national interests.

ECSP Launches Blog on New Security Threats

FEBRUARY 2007—New Security Beat Provides Latest on Population, Environment, Security in the News


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