From Conflict to Peacebuilding: UNEP's Role in Environmental Assessment and Recovery

"UNEP seeks to ensure that countries rebuilding from conflict identify the sustainable use of natural resources as a fundamental prerequisite and guiding principle of their reconstruction and recovery," says David Jensen, of the UN Environment Programme.

Environmental Security Heats Up as Obama Administration Prepares to Tackle Climate, Energy

DECEMBER 2008—Latest ECSP Report Covers New Security Issues: Environment, Population, and Health

CEF Welcomes New Policy Scholar

MAY 2007 - Zhang Jialing, from SEPA's Division of Solid Waste and Toxic Chemical Management, will be working with CEF for 6 weeks

New Website Highlights Environment, Conflict, Cooperation Connection

NOVEMBER 2005--Platform Builds Networks to Promote Sustainable Development, Peace

dotPOP: Online Resources for Population Data

A compilation of key online resources for data on population.

Environmental Peacemaking Conference Report Now Available

Featuring: Hilary Benn (DFID), Klaus Toepfer (UNEP), Pekka Haavisto (UNEP), Franklin Moore (USAID), and many more international experts on water, forests, and minerals

Hong Kong Conference Report: Sections 2-4 (English)

Includes sections on NGO networking and partnering; environmental education methods; and building the capacity of green NGOs.

The Price of Neglect: From Resource Conflict to Maoist Insurgency in the Himalayan Kingdom

Bishnu Upreti’s book, The Price of Neglect: From Resource Conflict to Maoist Insurgency in the Himalayan Kingdom was published in 2004, just as the Maoist insurgency was reaching a fever pitch and violence was spreading to the capital, Kathmandu.

National Intelligence Estimate: The Global Infectious Disease Threat and Its Implications for the United States

These excerpts from a January 2000 National Intelligence Estimate highlight the rising global health threat of new and reemerging infectious diseases

China Environment Series 11 Call for Papers

APRIL 2009 - The editor of CES is welcoming proposals for Feature Articles (maximum 8,000 words) and Commentaries/Notes From the Field (800-2,000 words) for the eleventh issue due out in the spring of 2010


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