Rethinking the Economics of War: The Intersection of Need, Creed, and Greed

A new book from the Wilson Center Press looks at the economics behind internal conflict in a comparative perspective.

Tax Reform In Latin America: A Long-Term Assessment

Vito Tanzi's keynote speech at our taxation event on December 11, 2013.

Latin American Program in the News: Maduro Leans on Chavez's Charisma for Popularity

"There was a sense that perhaps Maduro was a more pragmatic person, would be amenable to exchange ambassadors. The statement he made Tuesday threw a huge bucket of cold water on those hopes."

Latin American Program in the News: In Honduras vote, new lesson in how the drug war steers politics

This article discusses the recent elections in Honduras and platforms that the candidates each ran on regarding drugs and crime. LAP Associate Director, Eric Olson, discusses what to expect from president-elect Juan Orlando Hernandez.

Rate of unaccompanied girls crossing into US outpaces boys

Program Director Cynthia J. Arnson provides a comment on the proliferation of gang violence among young men in Central America.

Mexico in Transition

This volume offers several of the presentations from a May 2000 this conference which address political and social transition in Mexico, new directions in economic policy, and the changing nature of U.S.-Mexico relations.


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