Latin American Program in the News: U.S. Flying Deportees Deep into Mexico to Avoid Dangerous Border

Eric Olson is quoted in this article on the U.S. immigration authorities flying some deportees into Mexico City rather than dangerous border towns.

Latin American Program in the News: Peace with FARC possibly within reach

Director Cynthia J. Arson remarks upon the encouraging prospects of a negotiated peace agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC while addressing the concerns that lay ahead.

Latin American Program Books

See the collection of books by Program staff, scholars, and consultants in coordination with the Wilson Center.

Desigualdad y pobreza bajo las nuevas izquierdas en América Latina

This research paper, commissioned for the conference, provides an overview of trends in poverty and inequality throughout Latin America, comparing left and non-left governments, as well as left governments and their non-leftist predecessors in their own countries.

Latin American Program in the News: Obama's Gun Plan Could Impact Weapons Trafficking

Eric Olson remarked upon the impact that a trafficking law approved by the U.S. Congress could have on arms trafficking between the United States and Mexico.



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