Latin American Program in the News: La mafiosidad gana terreno en América Latina

This article references a Latin American Program publication "The Rebellion of Criminal Networks: Organized Crime in Latin America and the Dynamics of Change.”

Latin American Program in the News: A qué se debe el cambio de tono de EE.UU. con Venezuela

Latin American Program Associate Director Eric L. Olson was quoted in this article about US policy towards the crisis in Venezuela. This article is in Spanish.

Honduras Election: Moving Beyond the Left-Right Divide

"Hondurans go to the polls on Sunday to elect a new president and Congress. While elections in this very poor Central American country of roughly 8 million are not generally the focus of international concern, this time there are issues at stake that sound off alarms far beyond its borders," writes Eric Olson in The Miami Herald.

China, Latin America, and the United States: The New Triangle

This report explores the impact of China's growth on particular countries and on the region as a whole, the degree of partnership or competition with China, and the benefits as well as disadvantages of greater economic engagement between China and countries of the Western Hemisphere.

Colombia's Santos takes office hoping to end 50 years of violence

Program Director Cynthia J. Arnson is quoted in The Miami Herald in regards to Colombia's Santos taking office.

Peruzzotti, E., "Media Scandals And Societal Accountability", in Enforcing The Rule Of Law. The Politics Of Social Accountability In The New Latin American Democracies, Peruzzotti and Smulovitz (eds), Pittsburgh University Press, Forthcoming.

The prominence that political scandals are gaining in contemporary democracies has generated an important debate about the role and consequences of media scandals on politics. The aim of this article is to contribute to that ongoing debate by analyzing the link between media scandals and accountability.

Latin American Program in the News: Hugo Chavez Death and Venezuela’s Future

“Any successor would have to prove he’s more Chavista than Chavez himself,” said Arnson.


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