Latin American Program in the News: "Vast Web Hides Mexican Drug Profits in Plain Sight, U.S. Authorities Say"

Latin American Program Associate Director Eric L. Olson is quoted in this article about the crackdown on the extensive money-laundering network sheltering the Sinaloa cartel.

Latin American Program in the News: Fighting Violence Against Women

Fellow Alison Brysk was interviewed on violence against women in this segment of Arise News.

Latin American Program in the News: ¿Por qué Hugo Chávez ganó la reelección en 2012?

Speaking in January on Chavez's 2012 re-election and U.S.-Venezuela relations

The Uruguayan Tax Reform of 2006: Why Didn’t it Fail?

This article explores the success of Uruguay’s 2006 tax reform in (re-)introducing a comprehensive and progressive personal income tax while re-balancing direct and indirect taxes, eliminating inefficient taxes, and strengthening tax enforcement and compliance.

Repensando la Argentina: Antes de diciembre de 2001 y más allá de mayo de 2003

On April 3, 2003, meeting participants discussed economic policies, Argentina's position in world affairs, Argentine democracy and political parties, culture, education, human rights and civil society. The open discussion led to this publication.

Colombia: An Agenda for the Next President

Latin American Program Director Cynthia J. Arnson discusses issues Colombia's next leader should address.

Paying For Crime: A Review of the Relationships Between Insecurity and Development in Mexico and Central America

Given the consequences that insecurity and crime have for Mexico and Central America, the governments of the region must work to devise and implement policies that address the links between crime rates and development, citizens' lack of trust in institutions, and the high economic toll of insecurity overall.


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