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The Mexico Institute regularly releases new publications. Below are the most recent materials published by members of the Mexico Institute's staff. Please check back regularly for the most up-to date publications available.

Latin American Program in the News: Admite Costa Rica que capos de México y Colombia usan su territorio

The Latin America Program's event, "The Transnational Nature of Organized Crime in the Americas” was discussed in this article about Mexican and Colombian cartels entering Costa Rica. (In Spanish)

Latin American Program in the News: "¿Por qué la izquierda se quedó fuera de la segunda vuelta en Costa Rica?"

In this discussion with Club de Prensa, Associate Director Eric L. Olson comments on the results of the first round of the Costa Rican presidential election and the implications for the second round.

Defining Brazil's Security Agenda: From Favelas to the United Nations

This publication presents a summary of two meetings in Brazil in May 2005 that were held to discuss public safety and the links between national and international security threats and to examine Brazil’s perspective on regional and global security issues.

Latin American Program in the News: FARC defense of kidnappings agitates negotiations

Enrique Santos, at a forum at the Wilson Center, explained that the lack of movement on the first point of the peace process agenda, agrarian reform, could dampen the enthusiasm of the Colombian and international communities. (In Spanish)

Iran in Latin America: Threat or 'Axis of Annoyance'?

The essays in this report reflect an effort to provide background and context for understanding Iran's relations with Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela; the articles emphasize the foreign policy objectives and strategies of Latin American nations as well as the strategic objectives of the Iranian government. Originally presented at a conference at the Woodrow Wilson Center in July 2008, the papers have since been revised, translated, and updated.

Noticias - Winter 2002

Lead Article: El Salvador Ten Years After the Peace Accords


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