Arms Control and Limitation in Latin America: An Elusive Goal

This paper analyzes the main variables that affect the control of arms in Latin America.

Mexico Institute in the News: Biden Talks of War on Drugs with Calderón

Vice President Joe Biden spoke with Mexican President Calderón and the three presidential candidates. The two governments work closely to fight the War on Drugs; Obama’s administration is hopeful that they will continue to work closely when a new President is elected.

Latin American Program in the News: Honduras Presidential Vote Disputed as Zelaya Says Wife Won

Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, ousted in a 2009 coup, rejected official election results showing his wife, Xiomara Castro, losing the presidential vote with more than half the precincts reporting.
La violencia crónica y su reproducción

La violencia crónica y su reproducción: Tendencias perversas en las relaciones sociales, la ciudadanía y la democracia en América Latina

En este ensayo se presenta una reseña de la amplia literatura sobre las causas y efectos sociales de la violencia crónica en América Latina y se detallan las maneras diversas en que la violencia mina las relaciones sociales y el apoyo a la democracia.

Cambios en la sociedad Cubana desde los noventa

This book aims to provide academics, policymakers, NGOs and the media in Cuba, Latin America and North America, with a better understanding of the changes in Cuban civil society since the collapse of the Soviet Union and their implications in the areas of research, academic and literary production, and public policy.

Luciano Tomassini and Latin America’s International Relations

Public Policy Scholar Jorge Heine pays tribute to Luciano Tomassini, a remarkable thinker, political scientist and analyst. Tomassini died a little over a year go in Santiago, Chile.

Latin American Program in the News: Piñera y Obama estrechan relación bilateral y acuerdan rumbo al TPP

This article quotes Cynthia Arnson’s comments on the Chile-U.S. relationship are quoted in this article. Arnson said that the cooperation between both countries won’t be limited to commerce, and that “other sectors involved in the bilateral relations will be education, science and technology”. This article is in Spanish

Latin American Program in the News: "Presidential Elections in El Salvador and Costa Rica Are Headed for Runoffs"

Cynthia J. Arnson, Director of the Latin American Program, is quoted in this article about the recent presidential elections in El Salvador and Costa Rica.



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