Una guía para América latina

An article in La Nación by Tomás Eloy Martínez featuring the Latin American Program.

Latin America’s Adaptive Gangsters

While in recent decades Latin America as a region has made impressive gains in building state capacity and strengthening democracy, criminal networks have adapted to the forces of modernization and capitalized on the vulnerabilities of Latin American democracies by way of an extralegal system of relationships based on clientelism and corruption.

Latin American Program in the News: EEUU busca reforzar presencia en A. Latina y pide ser observador de Alianza del Pacífico

Cynthia Arnson’s comments on Biden’s trip to Latin America were quoted in this article. “Latin America and specially South America are seen now as an opportunity instead of a problem,” Arnson said. [in Spanish]

NOTICIAS: The Latin American Program Newsletter

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Noticias - Fall 2002

Lead Article: Seminar Series on Mexican Politics and Society

The 'New Left' and Democratic Governance in Latin America

Based on presentations at a November 2006 workshop, this publication explores political trends and policy outcomes in eight countries and aims to understand why so many governments of the Left have come to power in Latin America at this moment in history and explores the impact of specific policies in the areas of social welfare, citizen participation, human rights, and foreign relations.

Latin American Program in the News: La reelección de Santos

Latin American Program Director Cynthia J. Arnson analyzes the reelection of President Juan Manuel Santos in Colombia.


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