Poverty, Inequality and the New Left in Latin America

This is a research paper commissioned for the conference, by Argentine economist Nora Lustig, who provides an overview of trends in poverty and inequality throughout Latin America, comparing left and non-left governments, as well as left governments and their non-leftist predecessors in their own countries.

The Peace Process in Colombia with the ELN: The Role of Mexico

The Mexican facilitator in the ELN peace talks, Ambassador Andrés Valencia, spoke at an off-the-record session at the Woodrow Wilson Center on June 21, 2005. The document that follows was authorized and cleared by Mexican authorities; it constitutes Ambassador Valencia's first-hand account of the attempt to arrange a meeting on Mexican soil between ELN military leaders and the Mexican facilitating team, an attempt that, after many months, ended in failure.

Latin American Program in the News: Colombian Presidential Candidate Stumbles Over Campaign Allegations

Latin American Program Director Cynthia J. Arnson is quoted in this article about the Colombian elections.

Crime and Violence in Mexico and Central America: An Evolving But Incomplete US Policy Response

In this report, we first survey the causes for the rise of violent crime in Mexico, and the Northern Triangle of Central America. We then look at the US policy response to date. We conclude by offering a few suggestions on how the US policy response could be significantly improved in the short and medium term to respond better to the underlying challenges that the countries of the region are facing, problems in which our own country is deeply implicated.

Latin American Program in the News: Why is Venezuela so violent?

Venezuela, which had over 19,000 murders last year, has banned private gun ownership. Only army, police, and certain security companies will be allowed to purchase guns.

Virtual Forum on Economics

Read the economic proposals written by the main political parties, think tanks and policy makers in Argentina regarding the country's current situation.

Three Keys to Understanding Venezuela’s Latest Crisis

"Is this the end for chavismo? There is no doubt that with the events of this week Venezuela has entered a new and troubling phase in the chavista revolution," writes Eric Olson.


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