Latin American Program in the News: EE.UU. amenaza con represalias a China y Rusia por el caso Snowden

This article refers to comments made by Cynthia J. Arnson on the consequences for US relations with Latin American countries that grant asylum to Edward Snowden. This article is in Spanish.

Decentralization, Civil Society, and Democratic Governance

This is a report on a conference held on February 20-21, 2001 in which eleven researchers presented papers on the experience with decentralization in their own countries.

Latin American Program in the News: As Colombian Drug Gangs Collapse, Mexican Cartels Get Tons of Cheap Coke

This article covers a working brief by Daniel Rico on the weakening of the Colombian organized crime and drug-trafficking groups, Bacrim, and the transfer of power to Mexican cartels.

Latin American Program in the News: La mafiosidad gana terreno en América Latina

This article references a Latin American Program publication "The Rebellion of Criminal Networks: Organized Crime in Latin America and the Dynamics of Change.”

Noticias (Spring 2006) available for download

Information on Latin American Program activities since the fall of 2005 including: Setting the Agenda for Latin America in the Coming Decade, Mexican Migrant Civic and Political Participation, Domestic and Foreign Policies of Hugo Chavez, the Mensalao Scandal in Brazil, and more!Download from the Noticias section of our Publications web page.


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