Latin American Program in the News: The trajectory of populism in Latin America

Prashanth Perumal of Mint reviews recent publication, "Latin American Populism in the Twenty-First Century", a collection of papers edited by Cynthia Arnson and Carlos de la Torre. He says the publication offers not just a well-rounded survey of the nature and dynamics of political populism in Latin America, but also the ideological undercurrents at work.

Latin American Program in the News: ¿Elogio de la marihuana?

The Wilson Center Press report “The Criminal Diaspora: The Transnational Diffusion of Organized Crime and How to Contain Its Expansion,” edited by Latin American Program scholar Juan Carlos Garzón and Associate Director Eric L. Olson, is cited by this op-ed about reform of marijuana laws. This article is in Spanish.

Latin American Program Working Paper Series (151-200)

Includes those published 1985-1994.To request a working paper by mail, send an email with your name, address, and number of the working paper to

Latin American Program in the News: Close Relations Between the United States, Latin America, and Asia form a "New Triangle"

This article highlights last week’s event at the Wilson Center, “Reaching Across the Pacific: Latin America and Asia in the New Century.” This article is in Chinese.

Latin American Program in the News: Colombia’s BACRIM: On the Road to Extinction?

InSight Crime covers a new report by Daniel Rico on the decline of Colombia's organized crime and drug-trafficking groups, Bacrim.


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