Our Shared Border: Success Stories in U.S.-Mexico Collaboration

Our Shared Border highlights twelve success stories of cross-border collaboration and innovation between Mexico and the United Sates, offering a counter-narrative to frequent media portrayals of violence and poverty in the border region.

Central American Leaders Preview Obama Meeting

The Wall Street Journal mentions the Latin American Program event "Migration of Central American Minors: Causes and Solutions" in light of the Northern Triangle's Presidential meeting with Obama.

Cuba and its Neighbors: The Challenges of Change

In the aftermath of Raúl Castro's rise to power, this conference examined the recent evolution of key areas of Cuba's international agenda - hemispheric relations, tourism, foreign investment and economy, energy, and security. Conference experts explained the challenges confronting Cuba as it seeks a better international economic and political insertion.

Latin American Program in the News: Dialogue with the FARC should speed up to retain credibility (Santos’ brother)

In an event at the Wilson Center, Enrique Santos indicated that the FARC should move the peace dialogues along or they could lose credibility. (In Spanish)

Working Group on Civil Society and the Economic Crisis - 2002

The first debate on "Civil Society and the Economic Crisis," considers what street protests, pervasive distrust of the government, and growing economic exclusion in Argentina mean for democracy's future there.

Latin American Program in the News: "Chilean Cardinals Close to Pope Stained by Abuse Cover-ups"

Latin American Program Board Member and Senior Scholar Alexander Wilde is quoted in this article about allegations that two Chilean cardinals were involved in covering up sexual abuse.


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