Challenging Chávez: What to Expect From Sunday's Venezuelan Primary

For Venezuela’s historically divided opposition, which enters a key test of unity this weekend, one-upping Chávez in the hearts of voters will be vital to winning this fall’s presidential election. Luis Vicente León and William H. Luers, former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela, gauge the current field of candidates and look ahead to October's general election.

Noticias - Fall 2000

Lead Article: Brazil at the Wilson Center

Latin American Program in the News: Obama begins bilateral meeting with Peña Nieto

Associate Eric L. Olson comments on concerns shared by U.S. officials regarding the new Mexican government, which seems less inclined to provide the same level of deep cooperation with U.S. law enforcement officers in cracking down on bi-national arms trafficking. This was also published in NorthJersey and in Tico Times.

Latin American Program in the News: Assessing U.S.-Venezuela Relations After Very Close Election Favors Maduro

Cynthia Arnson discusses the elections in Venezuela with Ray Suarez, PBS Newshour, and Marc Weisbrot, Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Few Options for Resolution in Venezuela

Whether discontent with crime, violence, and the current state of the economy can be translated into broad anti-government sentiment is still open to question, writes Eric Olson.


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