Latin American Program in the News: Menendez warns of Iran’s outreach to Latin America

Tensions over Iran's presence and influence over Latin America arise after the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee hearing on the Iranian government’s activities in the Western hemisphere.

U.S. Drug Certification and the Search for a Multilateral Alternative

This bulletin summarizes a conference held on April 5, 2001 that discussed the utility of certification as a tool in the effort to reduce the flow of illegal narcotics and to evaluate the effect that drug certification has had on relations with other nations.

New e-Update Series is Launched

The Electronic Update on the Americas series, a new initiative launched by the Latin American Program, provides easier access to timely information about issues related to Latin America. The new e-Update bulletins will be available to a wider audience, will be disseminated more quickly, and will be accessible in the future via the Latin American Program website. View our first bulletin in our Publications section.

Noticias - Winter 2000

Lead Article: U.S. Policy and the Peace Process in Colombia.

Latin American Program in the News: China seen favorably in Latin America

This article analyzes the image of China in Latin America according to a survey presented in the Wilson Center.

Op-ed: Use Brains, not Brawn, to Handle Migrant Crisis

"It is important to note that adding more boots on the ground would do little or nothing to stem the flow of children across the border. The real solutions lie in addressing the push factors in the source countries," writes Christopher Wilson and Eric Olson.


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