Woodrow Wilson Center-Washington Post Fellows Featured in Newspaper

For the third straight year, the Washington Post is featuring articles about Latin America from five Woodrow Wilson Center-Washington Post Fellows. The program brings professional journalists from Latin America to Washington for a three-week exchange of dialogue and professional development.

Mexico Institute in the News: The Politics of Exports and Jobs

Rick Santorum proposes negotiating several free trade agreements in the first year of Presidency, even though he was against the NAFTA back in 1993.

Latin American Program in the News: Maduro Leans on Chavez's Charisma for Popularity

"There was a sense that perhaps Maduro was a more pragmatic person, would be amenable to exchange ambassadors. The statement he made Tuesday threw a huge bucket of cold water on those hopes."

Noticias - Winter 2001

Lead Article: Paths to Regional Integration - The Case of Mercosur

Repoliticizing Latin America: The Revival of Populist and Leftist Alternatives

This essay explores the dual "fault lines" in Latin American democracy that have contributed to the rise of new popular and leftist movements.


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