IMF Calls for Energy Debate - Mexico Institute in the News

Duncan Wood's remarks on the future of U.S.-Mexico relations were quoted in The News. “Looking forward to the next six years of the relationship between (the U.S. and Mexican) governments, there is the potential for an extremely fruitful relationship on energy issues.”

Mexico: Transparency in a New Era of Democracy

After 71 years of single-party rule, Mexico confronts the challenges of a newly pluralistic, democratic country, while its citizens increasingly demand more political openness.
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A Worrying Trend With No Quick Fix

"The so-called surge of unaccompanied children is really a trend that has been growing over the last few years and is the result of an accumulating set of factors that show no signs of improving, and that are independent from the messages high level U.S. officials want to send," writes Eric Olson.

Is it time for debate on the legalization of marijuana in Mexico? - Mexico Institute in the News

This article is in Spanish. Eric Olson, associate director of the Mexico Institute of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC, told CNNMéxico that "there is still no resolution on the issue, so first time Mexico should not conclude that U.S. policy has changed. No we are at that point yet." • This article also appeared on and

NAFTA and Open Regionalism

With the North American Free Trade Agreement completing 20 years, it is a good moment to reflect and look toward the region’s future and its place in the world economy. It is important to recognize that NAFTA was a first-generation free trade agreement, originally conceived in the 1980s, and for that reason it was very limited.


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