No Coverage at the Wires as Univision Exposes Wider Scope, Sickening Carnage of 'Fast and Furious' - Mexico Institute in the News

Andrew Selee of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington alleges that everything seems to suggest that the Mexican government knew at an operative level about Fast and Furious.

U.S. Firearms Trafficking to Guatemala and Mexico

Goodman's paper discusses U.S. firearms trafficking to Mexico as well as the lesser known phenomenon of the illicit movement of U.S.-origin firearms to Guatemala.

Mexico Institute in the News: Vote-Buying Efforts Remain Time-Honored as Mexicans Reap Gifts

Poor Mexicans who make up about half of the population have grown to expect gifts come election season. While Lopez Obrador may have a tough time proving that fraud by Pena Nieto’s side swung the election, given the 3.3-million-vote margin, the charges illustrate one of the challenges facing Mexico’s young democracy, said Andrew Selee, Director of the Mexico Institute.

Convocatoria: Programa De Estancias De Investigacion Academica En Politicas Públicas

El Instituto México del Woodrow Wilson Center y el Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales (COMEXI) anuncian la apertura de la Convocatoria para el Programa De Estancias De Investigacion Academica En Politicas Públicas
Noticias in the Media Winter 12-13

Latin American Program in the Media: Winter 2013

See what our staff, fellows, and scholars have been saying on key issues.

Economic improvements possible with immigration reform - Mexico Institute in the News (In Spanish)

Andrew Selee of the Wilson Center noted that we might see a return of circular migration, which would benefit Mexican communities. "Now people who go to the US without documents know that returning to Mexico ends their options so they stay in the US. With visa options, they may choose to come and go again."

Mexico Shifts Focus From Drug War to Economy-Mexico Institute in the News

The Mexico Institute's Chris Wilson provides commentary on President-elect Peña Nieto's vision for Mexico's economic future



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