Mexico says marijuana legalization in U.S. could change anti-drug strategies - Mexico Institute in the News

“Marijuana is an important part of their business, but not the most important. Most people agree it’s about 20 percent of their revenues, and so two small U.S. states legalizing marijuana won’t really impact their market share very much,” said Eric Olson, associate director of the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center in Washington. • This article also appeared on

Obama looks to Asia as trade markets beckon south-Mexico Institute in the News

The Mexico Institute's Andrew Selee comments for the Washington Times for their article on the future of U.S.-Mexico Trade.

One-Stop Resource on the 2006 Mexican Elections

Information on the 2006 Mexican election including key headlines, news summaries, analysis, and polls.

The Legal Side of Mexican Immigration

In this brief, Mexico Institute's Senior Adviser on immigration David R. Ayón, looks into legal Mexican immigration to the U.S., utilizing new data from the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Immigration Statistics.

Mexico and the United States: The Politics of Partnership

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the partnership between Mexico and the United States? What might be done to improve it? Exploring both policy and process, and ranging from issues of trade and development to concerns about migration, the environment, and crime, the authors of Mexico and the United States provide a comprehensive analysis of one of the world’s most complex bilateral relationships.


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