Pimco Leads Bullish Investors Backing Pena Nieto: Mexico Credit-Mexico Institute in the News

“If Pena Nieto can continue to follow those conservative approaches, he’ll have a huge benefit over the next six years,” Ducan Wood said in a telephone interview. “Mexico has every possibility of really booming as an economy.”

Use of torture by Mexican government on the rise, Amnesty International says- Mexico Institute in the News

Eric Olson comments on reports that the Mexican government is torturing detainees from Mexican drug cartels. •This radio segment was replayed throughout KPCC

Interview: “The Economy is Growing due to NAFTA”

In an interview with Luis de la Calle, a Mexico Institute Advisory Board Member, he asserts that with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mexico is better today than it was 20 years ago.

Mexico Institute in the News: For Mexican president, a long-delayed Cuba visit

Mexican President Felipe Calderon arrives in La Habana for his first official visit to Cuba. The visit comes just eight months before Calderon’s term concludes, despite a lengthy list of pending bilateral issues for the two countries.


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